Alex composes regularly for a number of production music libraries, including EMI (KPM Music), EMI Radia, Ninja Tune, The Scoring House, Felt, Boom, PMOL

TV / Radio programs and channels that use Alex’s music include Sky News, Sky Sports, ITV3, BBC1, BBC2, ITV4, National Geographic, History Channel, Travel Channel, MTV…  broadcast worldwide (UK, USA, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Australia …) on a variety of programs including Songs of Praise, Worlds Strictest Parents, Animal Park, Diggers Treasure Hunters, Honey I Bought The House, Homes Under The Hammer, Carjackers, Loose Women, The Box…


(The Scoring House)

Amiable ambling. Quirky Music for Children, Cartoons, Daytime, Pre-School

Happy go-lucky stroll. Music for Children, Daytime, Pre-School

Jaunty, carefree walk. Music for Children, Daytime, Pre-School

(EMI – KPM Music)

“Cinematic Middle East” – Lush cinematic cues evocative of the Middle East and north Africa, blending beautiful traditional instrumentation and live orchestra.

+ 8 More Tracks

(EMI – Raydia/Shine TV)

Latin-tinged guitars and bright mandolin melody drive this funky uptempo cue with a glamorous edge.

Thoughtful guitar intro builds into hopeful rock, with a sense of growing achievement, proud, uplifting finale with soaring guitar lead.

(Boom Music)

Happy, Sunny, Upbeat Jangly Indie Rock Pop Vibe

Triumphant Lighter Waving Anthem, Majestic Layered Guitars & Strings

Slow Burning Indie Rock Pop Building To Intense Epic Climax

(Boom Music)

Groovy Blues Theme Featuring Edgy Wailing Amplified Blues Harp.

Lazy Mississippi Delta Blues Vibe.

(Felt Music)

Driving, energetic and melodic indie rock tune with backing vocals.

Catchy guitar lead indie rock tune full of energy and attitude..

(Felt Music)

A delicate bed of strings and piano builds to a climax of powerful guitars and drums.


Rousing, aspirational, anthemic pop building to an infectious feelgood finale.


Funky, kitsch, groovy filtered beat driven track.


Calming, smooth, reverse textures over jazzy beats, evoking images of wide open spaces.