List of Credits (see PROJECTS for audio/media playlists)

    NAME / PROJECT                         CREDIT                             LABEL / DISTRIBUTOR / TYPE
    CINEMATIC MIDDLE EAST                      COMPOSER                                EMI / KPM – ALBUM
    SONGS FOR FILM                                         COMPOSER                                TRIUMPH PRODUCTION MUSIC – ALBUM
    GENERATION HOPE                                   COMPOSER                                SGI-UK LIVE EVENT / EVENTIM APOLLO, HAMMERSMITH
    NICORETTE ADVERT                                   COMPOSER                                AMV / RED & BEAR – Ad Campaign
    TESCO IN-STORE ADVERTS                    COMPOSER                                VARIOUS   TESCO
    EDUCATION CITY                                          COMPOSER                                AWARD WINNING LEARNING RESOURCES / VARIOUS ANIMATIONS – USED IN OVER 15,000 SCHOOLS
    OSIS DESIGN                                                      COMPOSER                               ANIMATION
    PRODUCTION MUSIC                                 COMPOSER                               VARIOUS LABELS & ALBUMS
    LULU                                                                         WRITER / PRODUCER         “BACK ON TRACK”   ALBUM   MERCURY RECORDS
    OTIS GRAND                                                       MIXER                                             “BLUES 65 ”      ALBUM  MAINGATE RECORDS
    CHARITY SINGLE                                             CO-PRODUCER                         TUI WORKPLACE CHOIR
    GOLDTRIPPER                                               ARTIST / WRITER / PRODUCER             EP
    KEZIAH JONES                                                   ENGINEER                                   “NIGERIAN WOOD”    ALBUM  BECAUSE RECORDS
    “BEING HUMAN”                                               ENGINEER                                      SERIES 1 & 2    BBC
    “SAT NAV” RADIO ADVERT                       COMPOSER / PRODUCER               NUFFIELD HEALTH
    ORITSE WILLIAMS (JLS)                               WRITER / PRODUCER          “PURE GOLD”
    JAMES LAST                                                        ENGINEER                                   “ELEMENTS VOL1”    ALBUM       B4 RECORDS / EAGLE ROCK
    KYM MAZELLE                                                  PRODUCER / ENGINEER       “THE PLEASURE IS ALL MINE”  ALBUM   CECCHI RECORDS
    KEZIAH JONES                                                  ENGINEER                                   “BLACK ORPHEUS”    ALBUM  VIRGIN RECORDS
    ORIANA                                                                 WRITER / PRODUCER             ALBUM    INNER STORY RECORDS
    WAYNE HECTOR                                               ENGINEER                                    VARIOUS SINGLES    UNIVERSAL RECORDS
    OPERATICA                                                        COMPOSER / PRODUCER             EMAGINE RECORDS
    “ONG BAK – THE THAI WARRIOR”       ENGINEER                                        VARIOUS DISTRIBUTORS
    RONAN KEATING                                             MIXER                                              “THE LONG WALK HOME”   DOCUMENTARY  VH1
    HARRIET ROBERTS                                        WRITER / PRODUCER               VARIOUS TITLES
    RICHARD DARBYSHIRE                              WRITER / PRODUCER               VARIOUS TITLES
    BLAKE                                                                      ENGINEER                                     “AND SO IT GOES” ALBUM      UNIVERSAL RECORDS
    SOL CONNELL                                                   WRITER / PRODUCER               VARIOUS TITLES
    RANDY GOODRUM                                        WRITER                                             “THE WOMAN IN ME”
    THUNDERBUGS                                               WRITER / PRODUCER                 1st AVENUE
    DARK BLUES                                                     PRODUCER / ENGINEER                LIVE ALBUMS x 3
    PETER GOLDING                                             ARTIST / WRITER / CO-PRODUCER          “STRETCHING THE BLUES”  ALBUM   INDIGO RECORDS
    INESS MEZEL                                                      ENGINEER                                       “LEN” ALBUM  NOCTURN RECORDS
    LIBERTY X                                                             ENGINEER                                        SINGLE  V2 RECORDS
    CURTIS                                                                   ENGINEER                                       SINGLE INTERSCOPE RECORDS
    READ                                                                       ENGINEER                                        ALBUM EMI RECORDS
    JEM                                                                         ENGINEER                                        SINGLES JIVE RECORDS
    MADASUN                                                          ENGINEER                                       REMIX V2 RECORDS
    SOUNDS of BLACKNESS                            ENGINEER                                       REMIX ZINC RECORDS